We have put together a variety of resources, certificates and tips and hints to make The Daily Mile challenge with Old Spot as fun and rewarding as possible. Download them here.

Use the Old Spot colouring sheet to track your progress.

Colour Old Spot As You Go

The Old Spot trail is divided into 8 sections of 110 miles each. Download a certificate for your pupils to mark each location as they progress along their 874 mile journey. Download the full certificate for pupils to receive once they have reached their final destination.​

There are no right or wrong ways to complete The Daily Mile with Old Spot. It is simply about getting out there and achieving your goals. Here are some of the ideas generated by schools last year. Do not forget to share your ideas to!
  • We allow children to bring bikes on some days and cycle the route
  • Older classes buddy up with younger classes
  • Some less active or less confident children have really shone doing it
  • Children with high levels of physical activity have encouraged and supported other children
  • Some days we hop, skip or jump the mile instead!
  • We adapted it for the lower school by encouraging a fixed time for the activity, so they could measure their progress in distance covered
  • We played music whilst they ran
  • We allowed the children to use stopwatches to time themselves and set personal, achievable goals
  • When pupils realise they are only being judged against their own performance, they are keen to improve
  • We have coined a phrase “walk with gusto” to describe a power walk as opposed to a gentle amble
  • We introduced the awarding of daily mile bands and certificates in our assemblies for children who seem to be trying really hard each day – it’s not about being the fastest, but it’s about that consistent effort on a daily basis
  • We have purchased some wristbands that say “attitude is everything” on them and they have gone down really well
  • Parents have been encouraged to attend our school running club with their children
  • Ask a different child each day to be the leader and no-one passes them – or you can swap after each lap
  • We give pupils the option of completing the mile or doing an active 15 minutes of dance indoors

You can use our tracker sheet to monitor your miles. Please download it. You will need excel.​